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Articles and Content from Finca Duernas about mostly Extra Virgin Olive Oils. 

Tasting notes from 2016/17 Harvest Finca Duernas


Envero 100% Organic Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil

Organoleptic Taste Panel:    Fruitiness: 5,8    Bitterness: 4    Pungency: 4

Oleic Acid: 70

Tasting Notes: Intense fruit salad aromas in special bananas and apple. Rich and Sweet with undertones of almonds. It finished with a refreshing bite on the back of your palate(polyphenols) 

It is sweet, smooth with a delicate texture. Intense fruit with apple and almond undertones. 

Uses: Recommended for vegetables (fresh or cooked) and fish (steamed or grill). It is the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil to use for delicate dishes such as salads or pastries and in general for any dish that you don’t want to have a very strong olive oil taste… It supports other flavors without overtaking them.

Envero Premium Extra Virgin Picual Olive Oil

Organoleptic Taste Panel:    Fruitiness: 5,4  Bitterness: 3.5    Pungency: 4.5

Oleic Acid:  80

Tasting Notes: Fruity and Green Tones of Herbs, Leaf and Artichoke. Sweet in the palate but with Character. Finish with a Refreshing Bite in on the back Palate(polyphenols). Bright shinny green color/ Great complexity of Herbaceous aromas: Artichoke and Green Tomato. Good body, Fresh cut grass with a light bitterness and pungency very characteristic of its personality. Voluminous in the mouth… Elegant Almond aftertaste.

Envero Picual is the richest EVOO on Oleic Acid; almost 10% higher than any other EVOO… this characteristic is associated with helping to reduce the risk of hepatics and cardiovascular diseases. At the same time Picual EVOOs contains a great amounts of natural antioxidants.

Finca Duernas Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the main fuel for athletes[1]




1. To maintain good performance you must make sure to have the most appropriate fat among the basic macronutrients. The extra virgin olive oil, for its chemical profile is in fact the perfect fat for sports, for the presence of:

·      Monounsaturated fatty acids,

·      Vitamin E,

·      Betacarotene (provitamin A)

·      Polyphenols.


2. For a sport of resistance like cycling, first carbohydrates, then fat is the main fuel, but not every fat is healthy. We know that trans fats serve no good purpose and should be avoided. Saturated fats come from animals and can contribute to high cholesterol levels. Athletes should monitor their intake of animal fats which can also be damaging to the skeletal and heart muscles. Because it is monounsaturated, extra virgin olive oil does not have these effects. In fact, extra virgin olive oil helps lower cholesterol levels and contributes to heart health and bone building.


3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly digestive. It has a high absorption capacity in the intestine, aiding digestion by reducing gastric fluids in the body, keeping things running smoothly, and reducing constipation. The result is a lasting feeling of fullness, a definite perk for any athlete.


4. It plays an essential role in exercise recovery. The Omega 3 together with the Oleocanthal molecule produce an anti-inflamatory substance. The Oleocanthal has a similar effect to ibuprofen reducing muscle pain and stiffness.


5. Prevents cells oxidation. An endurance activity such as cycling produces various oxidative makers. Radicals are wastes which are formed in the cell when oxygen is used to oxidize the molecules and produce energy. Only a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fresh extra virgin olive oil can ensure effective antioxidants.


Of course the extra virgin olive oil good for health should be top quality. The highest content of vitamins and polyphenols -that makes it such a powerful cell protector and disease-free- are present in those oils that are produced at the right moment of maturity and pressed with a very careful process.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural fruit juice and the fresher the olives, the richer the oil. In Finca Duernas we harvest two months ahead to what the industry does so as to collect the olives at their highest content of vitamins and polyphenols. There is also a very careful harvest so as not to damage the olive. Then, the small batches are taken in terms of minutes to the mill to avoid oxidation and we can do this because the mill is in the heart of the cellar.


Another key issue to ensure a powerful extra virgin olive oil is the short period of milling and in Finca Duernas we only mill for 15 minutes where as what is normally done in the industry is over 2 hours of milling.


Finca Duernas is truly extra virgin which has a distinctive taste and is high in nutritional values such as the antioxidants. Our particular way of harvesting focusing on the best moment of the fruit, together with our obsession for not damaging the fruit during the pressing process, result in one of the freshest extra virgin olive oils in the market.


Out of the five beneficial aspects of the extra virgin olive oil for cycling or for any other endurance sport activity Finca Duernas Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers:


1.    The perfect chemical profile; the perfect fat for sports

2.    An authentic and healthy source of energy that contributes to heart health and bone building.

3.    Helps the athletes with their digestion

4.    Reduces muscle pain and stiffness.

5.    Prevents oxidation.




[1] Article from the intervention of D. Cinzia Chiaron at Olio Officina Food Festival – January 25, 2014 in Milan. Italy.

Powerful excerpt from "Extra Virginity" by Tom Mueller


Olive oil is the only commercially significant vegetable oil to be extracted from a fruit rather than from seeds, like sunflower, canola, and soy oil. Since the fruit contains considerable water, extraction can be done by mechanical methods alone, with a centrifuge or a press, whereas extracting seed oils generally requires the use of industrial solvents, typically hexane.
— Tom Mueller

This passage is not a crescendo for the story "Extra Virginity" by Tom Mueller, nor does it seem to be intended as a uniquely powerful point made for the reader... but as the author explains this likely glanced-over, somewhat technical point, I am struck by it. He goes on to mention that to remove this solvent and it's unwanted tastes and odors, producers of these other types of oil have to process their product in a refinery going through processes like neutralization, deodorization, bleaching, degumming, etc.

The more I study and learn about this fruit: the olive, the more I appreciate how reflective it is. The better the fruit, the better the product. The better the biodiversity of the grove, the care of the tree, the care of the land... the more we are rewarded with a truly special, healthy, tasty fruit juice that we call Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The author goes on to explain that the quality of the olive is of fundamental importance to olive oil, whereas with these other oils you can extract industry-standard oils from low-grade seeds. To me, this says that this product that we have given our hands to, for it to be truly a premium quality product... it demands honesty... and in today's world... that is a beautiful thing.

-Austin H.