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Quality standards of the healthiest organic evoo and olive oil. Nutritional benefits are measured in these standards of quality.

What are the Quality Standards of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and what do they mean? 


Acidity: Acidity is a measurement of the freshness of the fruit at time of harvest. Finca Duernas Extra Virgin Olive Oils are harvested very early so that the acidity level is kept to a minimum. We start harvesting our Envero range as early as Mid-October each year. 

2017/18 Acidity Results:     International Oleic Council 0.8   |   Finca Duernas 0.2   (4x better than the standard) 


Peroxides: Peroxides is a measurement that has to do with the time it takes to do the milling. It is a measurement of the oxidation of the fruit, which at high levels compromises the taste and purity of the flavor. At Finca Duernas, we have all our milling operations in-house, which means we take the fruit through the milling process in mere minutes, so the oxidation is very low, and the taste is as pure as possible. 

2017/18 Peroxides Results:     International Oleic Council 20 |   Finca Duernas 8.8   (Less than half the standard)


Ethil Esters: This is a measurement of the fermentation of the fruit, again having to do with the efficiency and timing of production. Because we take the fruit through the milling and production process so quickly, we don't risk fermentation at all, while other producers have to leave there olives in storage, waiting to be processed. 

2017/18 Ethil Esters Results:     International Oleic Council 40 |   Finca Duernas 2.9 (Amazing results) 


Polyphenols: Poliphenols (Also known as antioxidants) are a measurement related to the nutritional benefits of the oil. The fresher the oil, the higher the polyphenol content. At Finca Duernas, the fruit is picked at the optimal point of maturity, so the antioxidant levels of our products are very high. 

2017/18 Polyphenols Results:     International Oleic Council 180 |   Finca Duernas 486 (2.5x better than the standard) 


Mean of Fruitness: The "Mean of fruitness" is a result of the organoleptic test. This is another test that tries to capture the freshness of the fruit. Finca Duernas ratings in this test are 5 times higher than the norm. 

2017/18 Mean of Fruit Results:     International Oleic Council 0 |   Finca Duernas 5,8 (5,8x better than the standard)